Academy Lessons



All school age students in K-12 programs enroll in "Academy Lessons." Students are expected to attend regular weekly lessons, perform in three recitals per year, and set achievable goals within their curriculum plan. Students are also encouraged to participate in festivals and Honors recitals, as applicable to their level. 

Bridget focuses on making her curriculum and lessons as accessible and effective as possible for each student’s unique needs. There are several courses of study to work with each student’s preferences and goals.

ADULT STUDENTS – visit the Adult Piano page for additional information.


Currently, school-age beginners are not being accepted into the studio program. Students must be at or equivalent to level 2A or 2 of most method books to enroll.


Intermediate students can choose from a more relaxed pace weekly lesson plan, or can choose a more intensive, competitive track course with longer lessons and more technique-focused instruction. Private lesson plans for intermediate students are generally 45 minutes weekly.


Advanced students can choose to take lessons that help them to maintain an advanced level, but keep a more recreational approach to their study. Students who wish to keep advancing and follow a more competitive track will take a more intensive lesson plan each week and will be encouraged to take advantage of performance opportunities and competitions offered in Raleigh and regionally. Private lesson plans for advanced students are generally 1 hour weekly.

Lesson Option: Biweekly and Monthly Lessons

Students who would like a more relaxed approach to lessons are able to take biweekly or monthly lessons. This gives students the flexibility to spread out their assignments and lessons over a longer period of time, taking the stress of weekly assignments away and providing a more casual environment of study. Reach out via email for more information.

For payment policies, cancellations, and other information, visit the Studio Policies page.