Adult Piano

Adult students – beginners and those picking back up from previous study – are encouraged to sign up! Adult students can choose from any category of lessons offered – weekly, biweekly/monthly, virtual, or any of the standard weekly lesson options.

For more on weekly lessons, visit the Private Lessons page.

Lesson Option: Virtual Lessons

Given that for some students, the ability to travel to a teacher for piano study is difficult, virtual video lessons are offered for the dedicated student who has moved into an intermediate level of playing. These lessons have been very successful for many students. Video capability and broadband are a requirement.

Lesson Option: Biweekly and Monthly Lessons

Students who would like a more relaxed approach to lessons are able to take biweekly or monthly lessons. This gives students the flexibility to spread out their assignments and lessons over a longer period of time, taking the stress of weekly assignments away and providing a more casual environment of study.

Adult Lesson Policies

Your lesson tuition will be billed the first Monday of the month, and is due before the first lesson. Students receive 4 lessons per month. If the month contains a holiday week, then the lesson will be prorated for the remaining weeks (unless the holiday is on a 5th week - then tuition is billed as usual). The preferred method for tuition payment is online billing via credit or debit, and is offered via all major secure platforms (PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Google Pay, Square, Zelle, Stripe).


Things can come up unexpectedly, especially with full-time jobs and busy schedules. Adults are given the flexibility of rescheduling lessons as long as 24 hours notice is given prior to the lesson. Makeup times come on a first come, first serve basis and spots cannot be guaranteed without a day's notice. Last minute cancellations will not be refunded.

Students who have a previously scheduled conflict or absence always have the option to reschedule. If a student would like to request a prorated month, they must notify me of any absence prior to the first of the month. Otherwise, tuition is billed for a full month. There are no refunds.

Teacher Absences

If I am unable to make a regularly scheduled lesson due to illness or an emergency I will offer the student an alternative makeup time. If no makeup can be scheduled, a refund or discount will be issued on the next month’s tuition bill. If I have a scheduled performance, I will always let students know at least a month in advance and will offer makeup times or a prorated month.

Holidays/Summer Schedule

If a normal lesson day occurs on a major holiday (Christmas, New Years, 4th of July), lessons do not occur. Students will not be charged for these weeks.

Over the summer, I take two weeks off at the end of June/beginning of July. There are no lessons during the break and tuition is prorated. Occasionally, I will also have additional “blackout days” during summer where no lessons occur - students will always know at the beginning of summer what these days are, and can work with me to adjust their schedule or tuition accordingly.

Weather Cancellation

Adults who do not want to risk traveling to their lesson during bad weather will always have the option to do a virtual lesson, make up their lesson at a different time, or get a discount on their next month's bill.